DECEMBER 12, 2016

MEMBERS: Bill Abernathy, Bo Brown, Evon Nuss, Karen Spencer, Gale Macziewski, Jay Kline, Gary Petras

GUESTS: Dick Spencer, Debbie Macziewski, Debbie Kline, John Burnett

The meeting was called to order by Gale Macziewski. Bill Abernathy made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion seconded by Bo Brown and unanimously approved.

AUDIT: Jay Kline reported that he received an estimate from Theresa Crier of approximately $10,000.00 for doing a complete audit. It was recommended that we work with a CPA to determine our specific needs before doing this complete audit. Cost could be about $150.00/hour for this meeting. Gale will investigate other CPAs to determine if we can get one at a lower cost.

New Board members will need to go to the bank and sign a signature card.

Seven Committees will be formed to carry out the work of Beachwood Estates. These committees will report to an assigned Board member. The Committees are: Social, Architectural, Legal, Security, Roads, I.T. Members of the community will be asked to serve on these boards. Committee members need to be approved by the Board

ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: The Board needs to be aware of approvals for construction/renovation and if there is a conflict regarding approval, this should be handled by the Board. It is our goal to be as responsive as possible to requests for ACC approval. Tarrant County re-inspected and accepted the repairs made to our dock. It was noted that the lots in section B have different deed restrictions.

A change of property ownership does not negate past dues that are owed. Unpaid dues would be dealt with at the property closing and real estate agents should be aware of any unpaid dues owed to Beachwood Estates.

TRASH PICK UP: Republic has been charging extra for over-filled containers. Jay has talked with them and we will be receiving a credit. It was discussed that we need extra containers if we continue to be overflowing. We currently have 4 ea. Four-yard containers at a cost of $667.00 - 3 ea. Eight-yard containers would cost $650.00 and 5 ea. Four-yard containers would be $750.00. It was decided that we would order l ea. Eight yard container to replace one of the four- ard containers that we currently have.

ROADS: The tree trimmers will not be able to finish their project because of broken down equipment. However, they will pick up the brush and will be paid for the work completed.

The Hudgins have paid for all the damage that they did to the front gate.

Being no further business Evon Nuss made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, motion seconded by Bo Brown . Motion was unanimously approved and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Spencer