August 19, 2019

Board Members Present::
Gale Macziewski, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Mac McKinsey, Secretary
Evon Nuss, Treasurer

Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

Meeting called to Order by: Gale Macziewski at 6:30pm.

Owners in Attendance: Bill Abernathy, Kenneth Kilgore, Marsha Davis, Doug & Rhonda Clark, Galen Macziewski, Glenn & Joan Fox, Tolbert Moore, Cheetos & Elvia Lujan Jr., Tommy Wheeley, Terri Boettigheimer, Ashlee Sawyer, Don Fausnight, Jerry Nicholls, Gale Macziewski, Mac McKinsey, Evon Nuss

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve July's minutes made by Mac McKinsey, second by Bill Abernathy; the motion carried with an all-in favor.

Financials:: Evon Nuss presented financials. Pat was not present, monthly expenditures was not available at this time.

Evon also states, there were no negative feedback on proposal of changes presented to owners by email. We are trying to collect emails to change invoicing to be sent by email and not mail. A proxy vote will be done at annual meeting on changes. Another email will be sent before Annual meeting.

ACC Committee No report was made.
Bill mentioned Anytime Marina was caught up with their work, but they now have to rebuild the motor on their barge.

ROADS Committee Cheetos reports:

Playground Committee:: Ashlee reports they are still looking for playground. She passed around picture of one she thought may work for Beachwood. Will continue to update board on any finds they may have.


Road-Tommy asked, if Beachwood could gravel road from dumpster to road in front of his house. Road is getting horrible to drive down.

Thank You- Evon would like to thank everyone who volunteered on Work Day.

Suddenlink-According to representative they should be finished by the end of October.

Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn made by Evon, second by Mac; the motion carried with an all-in favor.