July 15, 2019

Board Members Present::
Gale Macziewski, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Mac McKinsey, Secretary
Evon Nuss, Treasurer
Pat Fausnight, At-Large
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

Meeting called to Order by: Gale Macziewski at 6:30pm.

Owners in Attendance: Glenn & Joan Fox, Scott Kersh, Kenneth Kilgore, Galen Macziewski, Don Fausnight, Donna Baer, Doug & Rhonda Clark, Cheetos & Elvia Lujan Jr., Dick & Karen Spencer, Jerry Nicholls, Gary & Susan Petras, Andy & Dawn Springer, Ruth & Fred Brown

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve June's minutes made by Bill Abernathy, second by Mac McKinsey; the motion carried with an all-in favor.

Financial:: Evon presented Financials. Monthly expenditure was available for those who attended meeting.

Committee Reports:

ACC Committee Gary reports:

ROADS Committee Cheetos reports:

Playground Committee:: Scott has nothing new to report. Committee is still searching for commercial playground equipment for their budget of 7-10k. They have ruled out option to move playground by tennis court due to safety of children crossing road.

Approval of Permit Application for RVs in D Section:: Proof of offsite address and picture of current condition of RV will be necessary. Lots 58-94. Max stay of 180 days per calendar year.


Annual Assessments:: (In May's POA meeting discussion of changing fiscal year for annual assessment was favored by majority of those attended. Board discussed collecting dues a year ahead instead of paying dues in arrears.)

Today:: Evon proposed billing 2 times, however most owners attending preferred to bill for the 21 months once, and give an extension to those who may need it. A proxy vote will be held on this decision at POA annual meeting in October 2019. A blast email will be sent in advance to make owners aware of proposed change.

Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn made by Evon, second by Pat; the motion carried with an all-in favor.