June 17, 2019

Board Members Present::
Gale Macziewski, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Mac McKinsey, Secretary
Evon Nuss, Treasurer
Pat Fausnight, At-Large
Bo Brown, Secretary
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

Meeting called to Order by: Gale Macziewski at 6:31pm.

Owners in Attendance: Bill Abernathy, Evon Nuss, Bryan Birch, Galen Macziewski, Gale Macziewski, Jerry Nicholls, Janie Murray, Scott Kersh, Marsh Davis, Gary & Susan Petras, Glenda & Kenneth Kilgore, Debbie Macziewski, Doug Clark, Roger & Barbara DeCapua, Ruth & Fred Brown, Cleona Flipse, Roger Harkins, Don Gano, Cheetos & Elvia Lujan Jr.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve June's minutes made by Mac McKinsey, second by Evon Nuss; the motion carried with an all-in favor.

Financial:: Evon presented Financials.

Budget present to board:: Pat, Evon, Elvia have come up with a budget for 2019-2020.

Committee Reports:

ACC Committee Gary reports:

ROADS Committee Roger reports there will be three bids to get a quote for tree trimming in Section D. Board has approved 45k for roads.

Playground Committee:: Scott has nothing new to report. Committee is still searching for commercial playground equipment for their budget of 7-10k.

Approve board definition of term "virtually full-time":: ACC committee has come up with a solution to add to bylaws for section D.


Statement:: Kenneth Kilgore would like to see a monthly statement of expenses from the board. Pat Fausnight has agreedto provide statements.

Playground:: Barbara would like to see if board could increase the amount budgeted for playground? At this time, the board feels there is not sufficient funds to add into playground.

Third Party Companies: Doug has presented his concerns and complaint to the board regarding third parties companies leaving their equipment near or around the boat ramp area. He has seen pipes fall off the barge and it is creating a nuisance around his area of living. Gary has agreed to attempt to reconcile this complaint.

Front Gate Light Post: Roger has received a quote of 4300.00 for a 20ft. solar light for front gate. He will present quote to board for further review.

Advertisement: Roger Harkins has asked to post poster on bulletin. Board has approved a 30-day advertising on bulletin. Members have asked if others can put up their business cards. Ideas of putting a bulletin in the breeze way of clubhouse, or in front of clubhouse. At this time, board will table the idea and come to a solution for advertising.

Thank You: Board would like to recognize Doug Clark, Lisa & Tolbert Moore for volunteering their time to help beautify the community.

Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn made by Evon, second by Pat; the motion carried with an all-in favor.