June 15, 2020

Board Members Present::
Mac McKinsey, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Tolbert Moore, Vice President
Evon Nuss, Treasurer
Pat Fausnight, Secretary

Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

  1. Meeting called to Order by: Mac McKinsey at 6:30pm.
  2. Welcome & Recognition of members present: Bill Abernathy, Mac Mckinsey, Pat & Don Fausnight, Tommy Wheeley, Evon Nuss, Mark Reasons, Bett Cox, Doug & Rhonda Clark, Donna Baer, Scott Kersh, Tolbert & Lisa Moore, Roger & Barbara DeCapua, Roger Harkins, Theresa Lynch, Cleona Flipse, Conne Brown, Mike & Brenda Dupree, Gary & Susann Petras, Elvia Lujan
  3. Approval of Minutes:
    Motion to approve March's minutes made by Pat Fausnight, second by Tolbert Moore; the motion carried with an all-in favor.
  4. Financials:: No report given
  5. Committee Reports:
    • ACC Committee - Gary Petras one permit discussed. Slab for Dupree's will be done. Concrete trucks will be on Deer Run, be careful and look out for trucks.
    • RoadsDon reports with the Covid19, right now highway has priority. They went from 30 employees to 5 employees. He said possibly get to us within a week or two. No payment has been given to company until roads are completed.
    • Playground: Nothing new to report at this time.
  6. General Comments From Property Owners
    • Pool: Mike McGowan is the pool maintenance man this Summer. Only 25 people at pool at a time. If rules are not followed, pool will close, no exceptions.
    • Retaining Wall: Tolbert reports this project should be done tomorrow. Total unexpected cost was 30k.
    • Special Thanks From Betty Cox wanted to thank all for helping Paul, herself, and the work people do around Beachwood. From: Tolbert Moore to Mac for mowing with his own mower Beachwood area. From: Tolbert for all who helped remove trees from the roads. From Mac: for Pat & Evon sending responding to emails. Thanks to Gary Petras whom has done so much for the ACC committee.
    • Blocking Road Not permitted and/or allowed on Beachwood streets and/or property. Vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, must be parked in owner’s private property.
  7. Adjourn Motion to Adjourn made by Tolbert Moore, second by Pat Fausnight; the motion carried with an all-in favor at 6:51pm.