May 20, 2019

Board Members Present::
Gale Macziewski, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Mac McKinsey, Secretary Evon Nuss, Treasurer
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

Meeting called to Order by: Gale Macziewski at 6:30pm.

Owners in Attendance: Bill Abernathy, Janie Murray, Doug & Rhonda Clark, Brian & Tammi Birch, Jerry Nicholls, Debbie & Gale Macziewski, Cleonna Flipse, Denzil Elmore, Gary & Susan Petras, Tolbert & Lisa Moore, Ruth Brown, Scott Kersh, Donald Kelley, Dick & Karen Spencer, Marsha & Rocky Weatherford, Don Gano, Dana Taylor, Roger De Capua, Donna Baer, Cheetos & Elvia Lujan

Game Warden-Hunting: Greg Johnso's personal opinion is that shooting in general in a neighbor such as Beachwood Estates would result in a disaster. This area is not a safe environment for using a high-power rifle, bullet may ricochet. This also opens a liability for the POA. He recommends using a crossbow, setting traps, or bow & arrows. Or POA can create a group who will take course on hunting education. The last thing he would want would be to be called out for is to investigate an accident. It is a Class A Misdemeanor to go into someone else's property with a firearm. If you shoot an animal and it lands into someone else's property you cannot go onto their property to retrieve animal without permission. If no permission is given owner has the right to file charges against hunter/trespasser.

Abandoned boats: Greg Johnson says there is a state law that after 30 days they're "yours". File with the court to post for 30 days. County can take or can contact fire department to see if they would like to have them for their practice drills.

Tow Boats USA is also another suggestion.

Meeting was set for recess. Meeting back to Order at 7:01pm

Suddenlink: Jason Fox, representative for Suddenlink, gave owners a run through of how the fiber optics works, how it will be installed in one's home, and gives a conservative estimated finish date of around August. Evon will forward list to Jason upon request when Suddenlink is ready. An email will go out once Mr. Fox sends request to Evon for owners interested in signing up.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve April's minutes made by Bill Abernathy, second by Mac McKinsey; the motion carried with an all-in favor.

Financials: Evon Nuss presented financials. A reserve account has been opened for unexpected expenditures.

Committee Reports:

ACC Committee Gary reports:

Roads Committee- Currently committee has nothing new to report. Paint is available to spray the areas needing work; however, they will wait until the rain has passed.

Playground Committee:: Scott is still searching for playground equipment for their budget of 7-10k. Owners have been searching online for playground equipment. We do need commercial playground equipment. There is a whole team looking online and searching for equipment.

Approve board definition of term "virtually full-time":: ACC committee has come up with a solution to clarify wording in the bylaws for section D.

Owners input on changing timing of collection of dues:: Evon has asked the opinions of the owners attending meeting about getting the dues in advance instead of a year back. Some owners thought they have been paying dues in advance. The confusion was discussed and most owners agreed to move forward with paying in advance on dues. Changing to a January-December calendar year was suggested by owner, Debbie Macziewski.

Pool Opening Party: Bill let owners know of our pool party set for Friday, May 24, 2019. Flyers were printed for owners attending tonight's meeting. Email will go out about pool party.


Volunteers: Evon said we still need volunteer for tennis court- striping lines, fixing cracks in concrete, and painting benches.

Don Kelley:: Needs to get huge pipe removed from blocking his driveway. Gary will work on resolving this matter.

Playgrounds: Don Gano suggested setting playground on one side of the tennis court. Scott will consider the idea. Gary asked if we want to separate the playground from pool area. Children crossing the street would raise a concern.

Approve board definition of the term "virtually full-time": Evon read: "RVs cannot be used for full time living. Only 6 months per calendar year. Owners must have a primary residence somewhere else." Ruth Brown asked if RVs can stay? Dana asked, "Who will be monitoring their stays?" Don Gano suggests changing wording from 6 months to 180 days. Dana also asked if the RVs need to hold a standard of upkeep on their lot? Nuisance Control? Gary adds RVs need to have to have holding tank improvements.

Dumpster: Scott asked for an update on dumpsters. Bill said they have been installed. Will a big dumpster be ordered this month for the holidays? No, we normally only order a big dumpster for July 4th

Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn made by Evon, second by Mac; the motion carried with an all-in favor.