April 17, 2017

Board Members Present:
Bill Abernathy, Bo Brown, Gale Macziewski, Evon Nuss, Pat Fausnight

Others Present:
Jay Kline, Gary Petras, Don Fausnight, Karen and Dick Spencer, Samantha Hudgins, Scott Kersh

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.

Approval of minutes of March 2017 meeting were approved.

Jay Kline presented a financial report.

Gary Petras presented a report from the Architectural Control Committee

Other Business: Samantha Hudgins asked what the POA could do to help with poor drainage situation in the roadway ditches. Runoff pools in many locations. The Board suggested to start with talking to her neighbors to help with improving drainage ditch on their property. Board members did not think that the POA is responsible for maintenance of drainage ditches, but will investigate and confirm the responsibilities of the POA.

Roads and Equipment committee was confirmed and seated. Members approved are Ed Nuss and Don Fausnight.

Gary Petras presented a report from the Architectural Control Committee.

Bo Brown presented the Road Committee report. Two bids were received for improving areas in Section D, fixing potholes throughout the community, and paving Quail Run from Beachwood Drive to Deer Run. One bid proposed using milled asphalt for Quail Run. The other bid proposed using hot asphalt. Motion was made and approved to award bid to T&S Paving for an amount not to exceed $32,000 without prior approval of the Board.

The Board discussed the possibility of reviewing and potentially updating deed restrictions. More discussion will follow in future meetings.

Bo Brown committed to asking Southwest Water Company to contribute to the cost of road repairs.

The Board discussed volunteer activities for community work day on April 22.

Pat Fausnight talked to Pat McKee about having a backup to learn how to maintain the gate codes. There was additional discussion of security concerns related to gate codes.

Three bids were received for pool maintenance. Two of the three were not responsive to the scope of work requested. The bid from Bill Abernathy was responsive to the scope we requested. His bid price $250 week for the season. Motion was made and approved to accept the bid.

The Board discussed the problem of people dumping and burning trash on neighbor's lots. The newsletter will highlight the issue and request cooperation. The Board will consider purchasing "No Dumping" signs.

The Board will replace the locks on Beachwood facilities. Motion was made and approved to replace all locks for an amount not to exceed $120.00.

The Board briefly discussed a concern that there are people ignoring the speed limit signs in the community. Additional discussion was tabled until a future meeting.

There have been requests for copies of the gate key at the entrance to Waterboard. The Board unanimously agreed that copies of gate keys should not be provided.

Board discussed keeping the pool open for an extra month. The possibility will be discussed in greater detail at another meeting.

The Board discussed the need to look into a new card reader at the front gate.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.