March 20, 2017

Board Members Present:

Bill Abernathy, Bo Brown, Gale Macziewski, Evon Nuss

Others Present:

Jay Kline, Gary Petras, Scott Kersh, Debra Macziewski, Karen and Dick Spencer, Pat Fausnight, Russ and Amy Hughes

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.

Approval of minutes of February 2017 meeting were approved.

Jay Kline presented a financial report.

Gary Petras presented a report from the Architectural Control Committee

Other Business:

Pat Fausnight was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as At-Large Board member fulfilling the remaining portion of Karen Spencerís term. The position will be open for election during the Fall 2017 general meeting.

Gary Petras, Ed Nuss, and Dan Palm were nominated and approved as committee members for the Architectural Control Committee.

Debra Macziewski was nominated and approved as committee member for the Legal and Insurance Committee.

Debra Macziewski presented a report on insurance:

Bo Brown was appointed Secretary of the Board.

The Board requested the manager to solicit bids for pool maintenance based on a scope of work similar to that performed by Chris Jackson and other volunteers during the past season.

Bearings on the playground swing set need to be replaced. Bill Abernathy will investigate.

Board determined that they need to set a volunteer day for playground maintenance. April 22nd was approved as a volunteer work day for that and other community activities. Evon Nuss will coordinate putting together a list of activities.

Two blind sets in the clubhouse need to be replaced.

The Board needs to consider a strategy for tax sales.

The Board discussed the possibility of notifying community members about the problems we are having with overloaded dumpsters.

Manager will call to restart the mowing service.

Bo Brown is soliciting bids for the following road work:

Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM.