January 20, 2020

Board Members Present::
Mac McKinsey, President
Bill Abernathy, Vice President
Tolbert Moore, Vice President
Pat Fausnight, Secretary
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan, Property Manager

  1. Meeting called to Order by: Mac McKinsey at 6:30pm.
  2. Welcome & Recognition of members present: Bill Abernathy, Pat Fausnight, Tolbert Moore, Jerry Nicholls, Lasaro & Elvia Lujan, Mac Mckinsey, Tommy Wheeley, Dick & Karen Spencer, Barbara DeCapua, J. Powell, Gary & Susann Petras, Joan & Glenn Fox, Donna Baer, Donald Kelley, Tammi Birch, Doug Clark, Tim Conrad, Scott Kersh, Lisa Moore, Rocky Weatherford, Bryan Birch
  3. Approval of Minutes:
    Motion to approve September's minutes made by Bill Abernathy, second by Pat Fausnight; the motion carried with an all-in favor.
  4. Financials: Pat presented Financial Report
  5. Committee Reports:
    • ACC Committee- Gary Petras reports locks to back gate have been changed.
      • TWRC Licenses framed on breezeway
      • Construction on Beachside is moving along well. If you have any question go to Gary.
      • New owner has cleared off property they purchased and have plans to build in the summer.
    • Roads- Cheetos is in communication with Co. we are still scheduled to have work started by the end of February.
    • Playground- Scott is still hunting for playground equipment. There is still a company that will come build on site but does not include mulch needed for playground.
  6. Suddenlink- After speaking with Rusty, Tolbert reports Suddenlink is currently checking quality control. The system programming had a glitch and they are currently working on that. Do not go on their website to schedule your connection with Suddenlink. Contact Rusty directly. Email blast will be resent to owners as a reminder.


    • Notary: Pat Fausnight reports Amendment to change Fiscal year to Calendar Year was filed with Henderson County however; document needed to be notarized. Pat suggested to have Elvia get application to become a notary for Beachwood. Owners could benefit from having an onsite notary. No objection to this suggestion was made.
    • Website: Gary Petras says website needs some cleaning up. Pat also adds should "unapproved" meeting minutes be posted? No member attending meeting saw a problem with this.
    • Piers: Gary reports both piers will be stained soon.
    • Roads: Question of what roads will be worked on? At this time only Channelview, pot holes and culverts are on the agenda to have work done.
  7. Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn made by Tolbert Moore, second by Pat Fausnight; the motion carried with an all-in favor at 6:57pm.