OCTOBER 20, 2018 - 2:00 PM.

Board Members Present:
Gale Macziewski, President:
Bill Abernathy, Vice President:
Evon Nuss, Treasurer:
Pat Fausnight, At Large:
Vacant Seat, Secretary
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan

Attending: Glynda Kilgore-Kenneth Kilgore-Bill Abernathy-Gale Macziewski-Evon Nuss-Garron- Don Fausnight-Lasaro Lujan Jr.-Elvia Lujan-Pat Fausnight-Elaine Boze-Gary Petras-Jerry Nicholls-Susan Petras-Danna Baer-Joan M Fox-Lisa Moore- Tolbert Moore-Scott Kersh-Deborah Macziewski-Mark Scott-Laurie Scott Bo Brown-Conne Brown-William Abernathy-Doug Clark-Rhonda Clark-Joy Powell-Melody Powell-Vicki Bonura-Mac McKinsey-Verline Price-Barbara DeCapua-David Taylor-Dana Taylor-David Dickson-Jami Dickson-Betty Cox-Andrew Springer-Roger DeCapua

  1. Meeting called to Order at 2:03 PM
  2. Welcome – Introductions/New Residents: Presented by Gale
  3. Approval of Last Annual Meeting Minutes: (dated: October 21, 2017)
    Approved by the board, Motion was made by Evon Nuss; 2nd by Pat Fausnight with an all-in favor. Minutes were passed around to committee, a moment was given for review. Approved by committee, Motion was made by Andrew Springer; 2nd by Deborah Macziewski with an all-in favor.
  4. Introduction of Property Manager: Elvia Lujan was employed as property manager on April 1st, 2018.
  5. Financial/Bookkeeper System-Budget: Presented by Evon Nuss
    • Copies of 2017-2018 Expense report; 2018-2019 Budget Expense were provided for all attendees.
    Elvia writes checks, makes trips to bank for deposits, summits to board summaries on weekly and/or monthly basis. She also communicates with Bookkeeper. Bookkeeper does taxes and reviews our finances. Budget is available to owner’s requesting document.
  6. Trash Fees: Presented by Pat
    Last couple of meetings it was discussed the we are not collecting enough on trash fees at $6.00 a month. All residents whom attended agreed to raise to 10.00 a month. This will be added on 2018-2019 invoices.
  7. Upcoming Social Events:
    • Halloween Party October 27, 2018
    • Christmas Party December 8, 2018. Beachwood will provide Turkey, potluck for sides. Also, will be hosting Toy & Food Drive.

  8. Road Work: Roads have come to a completion for 2018-2019 fiscal year. $24,000 was spent on road work this year. Morning Dove street was milled, pot holes were filled on main road, and Deer Run got an overlay. Currently asking for people who are interested to form a Roads Committee. As a group, they will decide what work should be done as a priority. This responsibility is too much for one person to handle and make these decisions.
  9. Community Report: presented by Pat Fausnight
    • Completed: new flooring in clubhouse, along with new refrigerator and microwave. Guardrail was placed on Beachside Dr.
    • Ongoing: Gale is looking into No Wake Zone before the next boating season, playground
  10. Response to Potential Projects: Evon addressed, although all suggestions being emailed in, are great, the need for volunteers to accomplish projects is also recommended. All suggestions are being gathered and will be addressed for review in the future.
  11. Nominations from the floor: Presented by Gale. There were no nominations from the floor for three open board positions: Vice President, Treasurer, and vacant seat for Secretary.
  12. Election:? Two candidacy forms were submitted. Motion was made for election by acclamation of Mac McKinsey for Secretary, reinstatement for Bill Abernathy as Vice President, and reinstatement for Evon Nuss as Treasurer. Approved by the board, Motion was made by Evon Nuss; 2nd by Pat Fausnight with an all-in favor. Motion was made by the floor for election by acclamation by Deborah Macziewski; second by Kenneth Kilgore; all were in favor and motion carried.

    In Memoriam: No resident was mentioned of their passing. A moment a silence was given for those not acknowledged.
  13. Volunteer Recognition: Gary Petras was recognized for 17 years on ACD Restrictions. Bill Abernathy was also recognized as his willing to help; monitoring gates, handles mechanical issues, Clubhouse repairs, works with pool, and does mowing.
  14. Open Discussions/Questions:
    • Late Fees: Evon would like to add late fees on invoices for those who do not pay in a timely manner.
    • Gate Device Funds: Scott Kersh asked if gate funds are because we installed new system. Evon Nuss has made it clear that this income will not be as high the coming year since everyone has purchased their devices.
    • Pool Supplies & Repairs: Garon questions if there was an error for this section. Pat confirms there was a mistake and should be 2967 on pool from 2018.
    • Building/Dock Improvements: Scott Kersh questioned the budget and asked what contribution went toward dock (or what improvements were done). Pat confirms that the budget for dock improvements also includes building so the cost is significant because of the flooring that was done in the clubhouse.
    • CenturyLink: Questioned was why we pay too much for CenturyLink? Internet for cameras, Gate system, phone, etc.
    • Resale Certificates: David Taylor asked about resale certificates, document requested by realtor and/or title company in which we fill out when a home is being sold.
    • Ditches/Drainage: Bill states everyone has a complaint about roads, drainage and ditches. Working to do something about ditches. Reality is roads were not designed with drainage in mind. Cleaning them out is only a temporary solution and will take a lot of time and volunteer help. Work will have to start from the back and work our way up toward front, Otherwise, we will have to hire someone to come out and fix and eliminate road work for next year. We need a master plan of what needs to be done without going bankrupt. Beachwood is 9 miles of road, Don Fausnight adds that means 18 miles of ditches. Scott Kersh has expressed that this issue is causing mosquitoes to the area. Pat suggests that it would help if everyone took care of their own property. Evon adds that it is the responsibility of each owner not Beachwood.
    • Playground: We are still selling equipment and wish to have a playground back in the area with updated playground equipment. Gary asked if a different insurance carrier could carry us with equipment we already have. Taylor informs POA that he had a quote from an insurance company that could cover us the way playground was on the standards. Barbara DeCapua states our families benefit having a playground, keeps neighborhood family oriented, how can we keep it this way?
    • Outside Traffic: Betty Cox states while patrolling the dumpsters, she tried to approached someone that did not belong and was threaten. So, if you are approaching someone approach with caution. Not only do they come from the front gate, but from the lake as well. All residents are encouraged to call the Trinidad police if you see someone that does not belong in the neighborhood.

  15. Adjourn: Motion was made by Don Fausnight to adjourn; seconded by Kenneth Kilgore; motioncarried with all in favor and meeting was adjourned.