OCTOBER 19, 2019 - 2:00 PM.

Board Members Present:
Gale Macziewski, President:
Bill Abernathy, Vice President:
Evon Nuss, Treasurer:
Pat Fausnight, At Large:
Mac McKinsey,, Secretary
Note Taker: Elvia Lujan

Attending: -Bill Abernathy- Deborah Macziewski – Galen Macziewski- Pat Fausnight - Mac McKinsey - Jerry Nicholls -Gary Petras- Susann- Petras- Rhonda Clark- Doug Clark - Evon Nuss -Gale Macziewski- Glynda Kilgore-Kenneth Kilgore- Cheetos Lujan-Elvia Lujan- Don Fausnight-Ron Hill- Dick & Karen Spencer-Betty Cox-Pat McKee-Sue Brown-Jimmy Whitt- Donna Baer- Rachel McGowan- Vickie Zabojnik- Marsha & Robert Davis-Amy & Russell Hughes, Virgil & Janet Sanders, Damian Whitt, Ruth & Fred Brown, Tolbert & Lisa Moore, Verline Price, Tim Conrad, Theresa Lynch, Scott Kersh, David Taylor, Glenn & Joan Fox, Tommy Wheeley, Roger & Barbara DeCapua, Andy Springer, Terri Hatley, Connie Brown, Bo Brown

  1. Call to Order Meeting called to order by Gale Macziewski at 2:00 PM
  2. Welcome – Introduction of Board: Presented by Gale Macziewski- President; Bill Abernathy-Vice President; Evon Nuss-Treasurer; Pat Fausnight- At Large; Mac McKinsey- Secretary
  3. Memoriam - Betty Cox lead in the moment of Silence.
  4. Approval of Last Annual Meeting Minutes: (dated: October 20, 2018)
    Approved by the board, Motion was made by Evon Nuss; 2nd by Pat Fausnight with an all-in favor.
    Approved by committee, Motion was made by Galen Macziewski; 2nd by Cheetos Lujan with an all-in favor.
  5. Financial/Bookkeeper System-Budget: Presented by Evon Nuss
    • Changes of Bookkeeping was discussed
    • Beachwood has a Reserve account for future or unexpected expenses
    • Playground expense is larger than budgeted
    • Announcement of going paperless- Invoices will now be sent by email
    • Paypal to pay invoices would be set up

  6. Upcoming Social Events: Presented by Pat Fausnight
    • Halloween Party October 26, 2019
    • Christmas Party December 7, 2019. Beachwood will provide Turkey & Ham. Potluck for sides.
      Also, will be hosting Toy & Food Drive.
  7. Community Reports & Projects:
    • Docks: Gary Petras thanked Birch, Conrad, Nicholls, Moore, Abernathy and a few more that helped with docks. They are 85-90% completed. We had a contribution from Leslie Kelley for dock repairs. Some changes were made such as the water break on pier by boat ramp. Fishing piers changes now has a cleaner design and stronger by reducing length and an additional pipe was added.
    • Playground: has to be compliant to have, expense seems to be on or about 25,000.00 for this to happen. Scott along with other owners have been shopping for used commercial quality set. Playground will also require leveling, gated area, mulch or padding.
    • Roads: Roads committee received 5 estimates They will be finalizing on contract. Items on the list to cover this budget are: Channelview, saw cutting and changing out culverts, and fixing pot holes. Don mentions this company does not want a dime until Beachwood is happy.
  8. Nominations from the floor & Election: Presented by Gale. There were no nominations from the floor for the open board position.
    • Election: One candidacy form was submitted. Tolbert Moore. Motion was made by the floor for election by acclamation by Deborah Macziewski; second by all in board meeting; all were in favor and motion carried.
  9. Discussion regarding fiscal year to calendar year- Andy Springer, CPA, explained how billing would change for Beachwood. Fiscal year of April 1-March 31 would change to calendar year Jan.1-December 31. Beachwood goal is to no longer bill in arrears. Making these changes will stop the confusing when a property is being sold. Evon reached out to several title companies and they have said that Beachwood is the only one that collect dues in this manner. The board will work with everyone to pay as we make this adjustment.
  10. Vote was held to Change Fiscal Year to Calendar Year:> Vote of 125 FOR and 14 AGAINST Article 2, Section 2- FISCAL TO CALENDAR YEAR ASSESSMENT INVOICING has been voted in and approved by the board.
  11. Volunteer Recognition: The board recognized a few owners for helping around the neighborhood. Each owner was also given a list of things that are done by volunteer around the Beachwood Community. These are expenses that Beachwood is saving on because of volunteers.
  12. Open Discussion/Questions:
    • Playground: Mac implies we also have to make sure that if we are buying a used set, we need to make sure it is compliant with insurance could be a risk buying used. Kenneth ask why should we take a risk? We should buy new. Having a playground is a valuable amenity in this community and would like to see it come back was expressed by most.
    • Roads: Could we get water co. to pay for some of the road cost on Morning Dove was questioned.
    • Dues: Questions of overpayments at the time of closing were made by some members, Evon will look into each to attempt to resolve matter.
  13. Suddenlink Representative: Jason Fox advised to fill out form and they will call back and discuss with each individual of a plan that will best fit each resident’s need. Do not contact website, they are unaware of what is going on in the field and their progress on their work. Evon will send email to owners regarding information given by Suddenlink.
  14. Adjourn: Motion was made by Betty Cox to adjourn; seconded by all induvial attending; motion carried with all in favor and meeting was adjourned.