MAY 20, 2017 - 2:00 P.M.

President, Gale Macziewski called the meeting to order and asked that all attending introduce themselves. New Board members and owners were recognized.

Copies of the October 2016 Semi-Annual Meeting were distributed. A motion was made by Dick Spencer to approve the minutes, motion seconded by Paul Bureau and the motion was passed.

ACC REPORT: Gary Petras reported that one permit had been approved for a carport. He reminded the members that the outside of structures need to be 60% brick, lath or glass. If you are going to do any new construction or remodeling, please contact Gary Petras, Dan Palm or Ed Nuss for guidelines.

FINANCIAL REPORT: A written financial report was distributed to the members. Business Manager, Jay Kline, was not able to attend the meeting. Total in checking/savings to date $163,864.03. Last year at this time there was a balance of $133,309.25 in checking/savings. Specific questions can be directed to Jay Kline. The Board will be talking with a CPA to help set up a new accounting system that will allow for a regular audit and a more comprehensive reporting system.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS (Completed Projects): Evon Nuss reported there were 24 volunteers that participated in the Work Day. Some of the projects included: tree trimming, cleaning tennis courts, playground equipment checked and repaired where needed, cleaning and power washing club house and painting the horses in the playground. Appreciation was expressed to all who helped. Many members (that were unable to work) donated funds so lunch could be provided for the workers. It was a great day of fellowship and accomplishment. The pool leak has been repaired, and sand has been replaced in the filter. The clubhouse water heater was replaced.

(Current Projects): The pool salt generator will be replaced. The Board is working on a new entry system at the gate. The current card reader is not working. The cost of the system is $15,000.00. The current number code system will not be used. Remote fobs and cards can be purchased by members at cost (to be determined). Guests can call member’s cell phones, which will have a code to allow them to open the gate using their cell phone. Specific details are being finalized as it relates to contractors, delivery people, emergency personnel, etc. Members will be notified by email explaining the system. The gate will be left open for a short time to allow members to get acclimated to the new system. Also Board Members will be available to assist and a cell number will be posted. A larger dumpster will be available over the July 4th Holiday. It was noted that Nelsons will not be having their usual celebration and signs will be put up at the gate advising people that are not aware that this is not scheduled.

(Social Events) There will be a Pool Party on Friday, May 26th at the clubhouse. Members and guests are invited. However Pat Fausnight needs to be notified as she will be purchasing hot dogs for the event.

(Other): The Board will be consulting with a POA Attorney to go over the 1973 Beachwood documents to be sure they do not conflict with current state and local laws that govern POAs. These documents will then be brought up-to-date.

ROADS REPORT: Beau Brown reported that work will begin on the roads. Gravel will be put on the road by the dump pile, pot holes will be fixed and the Beachwood Drive/Quail Run road will be paved, as this is a major access road to the clubhouse. Questions or suggestions regarding road work can be directed to Beau Brown. It was suggested a “no outlet” sign be posted at the gate as some GPS systems direct people through our subdivision to get to other areas.

PROJECTED PROJECTS: The Board will try to communicate to residents the goal of keeping our community looking nice and encourage them to take trash/clippings, etc. over to the burn pile and not just pile up things on empty lots. The Board will also be looking at ways to improve the drainage along the roads. The Board will be working to update budget and accounting procedures as well as the 1973 documents.

NEW POOL POSITION: Bill Abernathy has been hired to maintain, open and close the pool for this season. Bill will also be responsible for cleaning the restrooms.

QUESTIONS/ANSWERS: Clarification was asked about shooting fireworks. Fireworks are allowed only on private property. Shooting fireworks on any Beachwood Property (common areas) is not allowed.

A motion was made by Joanne Donnenberg to adjourn the meeting, motion seconded by Gary Petras and motion was approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Spencer


Gary/Suzanne PetrasDick/Karen SpencerKenneth/Glynda Kilgore
Don FausnightDonna BaerBeau/Connie Brown
Sue BrownChris JacksonBarbra DeCapua
Denzil ElmorePat McKeeBetty Cox
Bob MuellerPaul BureauEd/Evon Nuss
Misty RichardsonLasaro Lujan JrShirley Leone
Andrew SprengerGale MacziewskiBill Abernathy