OCTOBER 19, 2002 - 2:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by President Jay Kline; Board Members and Architectural Committee Members were introduced; new POA members were asked to introduce themselves.

The Budget Overview and Budget vs. Actual Treasurer's Reports were distributed. The reports show that expenses and income are on target for the year.

Jim McKee gave the current road update. The Road Committee has a five-year plan and will be working toward having as many roads as possible in good condition. This year approximately $30,000 was spent on Beachwood roads. The contractor will be coming back to complete the project in the near future. Marcia Wegner asked if a bid had been requested from Larry Fullbright of Tool. The Directors said they thought he had been contacted. Jim McKee told property owners that Larry Hart chaired the road committee and all roads were inspected and a decision on what roads to fix was based on need. One reason chip and seal was used is the cost of 20 cents per square foot vs. asphalt at 94 cents per foot.

The names of Dick Spencer and Jim McKee were placed in nomination to be re-elected to the Board of Directors. Willis Ables also nominated Carol Mieger. Carol made a presentation of her qualifications for this position. The question was raised concerning the Nominating Committee and if it is proper to have a paid staff person chair this committee. A request was made that in future elections the qualifications of nominees be sent out to the property owners in advance of the election. A written ballot was conducted: Jim McKee 43 votes; Carol Mieger 30 votes; Dick Spencer 28 votes.

Willis Ables said that he felt the current voting system was not truly representative (one vote for each lot owned). He suggested that each family be allowed one vote - no matter how many lots they own. The Board of Directors will be asked to review the voting process in light of the by-laws.


Marcia Wegner stated that she wished Beachwood would have a full-length newsletter, giving personal news regarding property owners, etc. Marcia volunteered to compose such a newsletter.

Willis Ables reported that the maintenance of the tennis courts and ball machine would now be under the Board of Directors. Over the years Willis had received donations and collected money in the amount of $945.00, which was designated for the tennis courts. $145.00 was spent on 144 balls and the balance of $801.00 was turned over to the Board of Directors.


Willis Ables reported that he had been in contact with Tecon Water Co. regarding their lack of service; number of times the water is off and the new rate structure. He has written letters to the Public Utilities Commission. Property owners can get the name and phone number of the contact person if they also wish to address these issues.

It was suggested that Beachwood have a long-range plan for our community. What type of growth do we want in our community; how much do we want our community to grow; how do we handle growth, etc.

Jay Kline asked that several committees be formed to deal with some of the issues in Beachwood.

(These names will be posted at the clubhouse)

January - Moss family May - Mueller family September - Spencer family
February - Jackson family June - Moss family October - Graves family
March - Mieger family July - Jackson family November - McKee family
April - Poindexter family August - Evans family December - Kline family


The meeting was adjourned for a time of refreshment and fellowship. Respectfully submitted, Karen Spencer, Acting Recording Secretary