October 18, 2003


The Fall Meeting of the Beachwood Property Owners' Association was held at the Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on October 18, 2003.
Approximately 40 members were present.

1. President Jay Kline called the meeting to order and introduced other Board Members, Financial Manager, ACC Committee and Commissioner Joe Hall.

2. Raymond Carter gave the Financial Report and distributed copies of the Budget vs. Actual and the Budget for 2003. The cash balance was $59,228.

3. Larry Hart reported on road activity and advised that the contractor would not return and complete the drive way tie-in that was to be completed last year. He also said asphalt pot hole patching and crushed rock fill for pot holes on secondary roads would be done next week. Major road repair would probably be delayed until next year.

4. The new traffic regulations which prohibit off road type vehicles and established a 30 mph speed limit was explained and discussion followed. The question was raised why golf carts are not prohibited and concern about young children operating golf carts. County Commissioner Joe Hall answered some questions and committed on the enforcement of the traffic regulations by the Henderson County Sheriff's office.

5. The names of Randy Betz and Kevin Prince were placed in nomination and John Evans also nominated Dick Spencer from the floor to be elected to the Board of Directors to fill the two positions open due to Larry Hart and Pat Smith's term expiring. The Nominating Committee distributed the qualifications of the three nominees. A paper ballot was conducted: Randy Betz 63 votes; Kevin Prince 33 votes; and Dick Spencer 32 votes.

6. Sign-up sheet for monthly trash pick-up was made available and the following were volunteers:

January - ___________ July - _________________
February - Randy Betz August - Raymond Carter
March - Kevin Prince September - Paul Bureau
April - Jane Kilgore October - _____________
May - Les Moss November - ____________
June - Raymond Carter December - Les Moss

Carol Mieger advised that a cover for swimming pool was ordered and should be installed in about three weeks.

New property Owners in Beachwood were introduced and welcomed.

The meeting was adjourned and refreshment and visitation were enjoyed.