October 16, 2004


The Fall Meeting of the Beachwood Property Owners' Association was held at the Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on October 16, 2004. Approximately 45 members were present.

1. President Carol Mieger called the Meeting to order and welcomed all members and made introductions.

2. Raymond Carter gave the Financial Report and distributed copies of the Budget vs. Actual and the Budget for 2004. The Cash Balance was $85,979.

3. Carol Mieger presented Appreciation Awards to Pat Smith and Jay Kline for their service as President and Director and to Bob Mueller for service as ACC member.

4. Carol Mieger gave an overview of the projects for the past year which included, Clubhouse Electrical, Pool Cover and Revised Maintenance Agreement. She also reported on the Five Year Plan to improve Clubhouse and Long Range Improvement for Beachwood.

5. Jim McKee reported on plans to construct a safer and improved burn bin for burning boxes near the dumpster.

6. Gary Petras reported on ACC activity and reminded everyone of the requirement of Permits for concrete trucks and the route to follow.

7. Kevin Prince reported on Road Plans for the next six years. The Plan for 2004 include filling cracks on existing roads in good condition to maintain their quality, fill potholes in existing fair condition roads to keep them at a passable standard. The Tentative Road Plans beginning in 2005 are as follows:
*2005 - Resurfacing of Beachside Drive from Dogwood to Lakeview and the section of Lakeview that is in poor condition.
*2006 - Resurfacing of Beachside Drive from Driftwood to Clubhouse area.
*2007 - Resurfacing of Beachside Drive from Clubhouse area to Beachwood Loop West and corner of Beachwood Loop East.
*2008 - Resurfacing of Oakwood Drive to area in front of water plant.
*2009 - Resurfacing of Channelview north of Deer Run and the section of Deer Run to Lakeview.
*2010 - Resurfacing of Lakeview from Beachwood Drive to Deer Run. The Road Plan is preliminary and subject to change and approval by the Board of Directors.

8. Larry Hart reported the Nominating Committee selection for Director was Sam Carothers. Sam reviewed some of his qualifications and plans and passed out written detail of his experience. Gary Petras nominated Danny Hampel for Director from the floor and reviewed some of his experience and qualifications, since Danny could not be at the Meeting. Paper Ballot vote was taken and Sam Carothers was the winner.

The Meeting was adjourned and refreshments and visitation were enjoyed.