MAY 21, 2005


The Spring Meeting of the Beachwood Property Owners' Association was held at the Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on May 21, 2005. Approximately 40 Members were present.

1. President Carol Mieger called the meeting to order and made introductions.

2. Orville Bevel from the Greater Lake Palestine council presented information on recent senate and house bills concerning water rate increases and removing TECON special exemption for water companies, and the bill to allow property owners association to change deed restriction with only 66% of those voting to make changes.

3. Raymond Carter gave the financial report and budget for the 2005 year.

4. Carol Mieger detailed the plans for road projects this year.

5. Gary Petras explained the permits required in Beachwood.

6. Carol Mieger reviewd the operations during the past year.

7. Beachwood maintenance was discussed and several committed on the quality of service and increase in pay given to contractor. A member of the board explained they extended contract only to December 31, 2005 and increased the pay for additional work to be performed.

8. Nancy Brown made a motion with a second by Naim Mouracade to to terminate the maintenance contract if the grounds were not maintained properly by memorial day. The motion passed by a large margin with 3 votes against.

9. The golf cart registration was discussed and it was stated the responsibility for safety operation goes to the cart owner. Passed out form for assigning numbers to each cart.

10. Two directors seats will be up for election in October and Carol asked for volunteers to serve as nominating committee for directors.

11. The need for liability insurance officers/directors was discussed.

12. Rocky Weatherford made a motion with a second by Danny Hampel to purchase liability insurance. The motion was approved.