MAY 17, 2003


1. Welcome – Introduction of Board Members, Officers, ACC Members
. Financial Reports:

2002 Financial Report
2003 Budget
3. Road Report
4. Pool Repairs
5. Off Road Vehicle Policy
6. Retaining Wall and Sidewalk Repair
7. New Business


Large Dumpster – Friday, May 16-19
Opening of Swimming Pool – May 23
Architectural Control Committee – Program Review
Dues Paid Before Using Facilities
Safety in Beachwood
Stop/Yield Signs
Speed Limit – 30 MPH
Speed Limit/Children at Play – 20 MPH
Watch for Pedestrians
Playground Rules
Welcome to New Property Owners
Refreshments and Visitation


2002 Financial Report
2003 Budget Overview

The Spring Meeting of the Beachwood Property Owners' Association was held at the Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on May 17, 2003.

Approximately 35 members were present.

1. Pat Smith welcomed property owners and introduced other board members, financial manager and ACC members. (Jay Kline, President, absent)

2. Raymond Carter gave Financial Report for year ended March 31, 2003 and Budget for year ending March 31, 2004.

3. Larry Hart reported on the road plans for the year. The plans include completion of project started last year, completion of drive tie-ins and chip and seal about three blocks on Deer Run, Lakeview from Deer Run to Beachwood Dr., part of Beachwood Loop East and West, Beach Plum and some work in Section D. The Budget is about $30,000 and all of the projects may not be completed.

4. Carol Mieger reported on the renovation of the swimming pool, new plaster, and tile at a cost of about $13,500.

5. A.W. Talash advised that the speed of boats at the Beachwood Boat Launch was excessive and was dangerous for children playing in the water near the boat launch. He requested financial assistance from the Association to purchase buoy and signs for the area. The Board will take under review.

6. Road safety, playground rules and paying dues before using facilities were discussed.

7. Gary Petras reported on ACC Committee activity.

8. The need for load of pot hole patching material stored in Beachwood for homeowners to fill pot holes as needed was discussed. Larry agreed to get material for patching.

9. Several Beachwood newcomers were introduced - Steve Stearman, Pat Murray, and Harold and Annie Hedrick. The meeting was adjourned and refreshments and visitation were enjoyed.