MAY 15, 2004


The Spring Meeting of the Beachwood Property Owners' Association was held at the Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on May 15, 2004. Approximately 38 Members were present.

1. President Carol Mieger called the meeting to order and made other introductions.

2. Raymond Carter gave the Financial Report and distributed copies for the year ended March 31, 2004 and the Budget for year ending March 31, 2005.

3. Presentation of Service Awards for prior Directors, Larry Hart, Pat Smith and Dick Spencer and to Bob Mueller for ACC.

4. Orville Bevel from the Greater Lake Palestine Council, presented information on the rate increase request by TECON for water and sewer for about twenty-two Property Owners' Associations serviced by TECON. He advised that they have established a Legal Defense Fund and hired an attorney to help present their case before the Hearing and court trial, if necessary. Mr. Bevel advised they were requesting $50.00 per meter from homeowners to finance the cost.

5. Lynda Palm made a Motion with a Second by Danny Hampel for Beachwood to join the group in contesting the rate increase by TECON and pay on Legal Defense Fund. Beachwood members present were asked for a show of hands to support the Legal Defense Fund and pay the $50.00 per meter charge. Large majority of members present approved the Motion. (The vote was not by number of votes per lot and more than one family member voted for same lot.)

6. Gayle Evans asked about the ladies using the Clubhouse for social gatherings, luncheons, and games the first and third Thursday afternoon each month and Beachwood would provide heat or air if needed. A discussion was held on the merits.

7. Lynda Palm made a Motion with a Second by Wanda Manley for Beachwood to open the Clubhouse on the first and third afternoons each month and Beachwood would provide heat or air if needed. The majority of members indicated their approval of the motion.

8. Discussion was held on several subjects, maintenance of Clubhouse and area grounds, scheduled road work this year and the need for a five year plan. The members were advised that the road plan will be developed soon.